INTRODUCTION And Some Background Material

The Astro-Cards System of Magian Cardology was developed from the original teachings published by Olney Hawkins Richmond (February 22, 1844 – 3) in his Mystic Test Book (1893 – 1919) and various other sources. This system has roots in Ancient Astrological information, going as far back as to the days of Atlantis, according to Richmond. For us it started in Mesopotamia, with the Sumerian sources of our Magi – later, Assyria, Babylon and Persia, were continuing the same studies. Also, in Ancient Egypt, the temples and priests and priestesses of Isis were the guardians of the Calendar and all Astrological information, preserving the system down through the ages. After the fall of these civilizations, the teachings were hidden in remote parts of the world and transmitted orally. In Europe during the Dark Ages, the Masters of the system, realizing that an extreme persecution had been coming, needed to devise a method whereby the ancient information could be concealed and perpetuated for the future. Their solution was to create a “game” to be given to the general population, who would protect it and pass it on to following generations, unchanged, with no knowledge or awareness of the hidden symbology.

The “game” that was created we now know as Playing Cards, have remained essentially unchanged since their inception in the late 12th or early 13th Centuries. This proves that the wisdom of the Masters who had realized that if the information had been released to the Intelligentsia of the day, it would have been obscured or distorted within a very short period of time. This, in fact, became the case with the ruling Catholic Church, where some of their hierarchy was obviously aware of the truth behind the popular Playing Cards and decided to create and validate a system of their own – the 56 Minor Arcana Tarot Cards – to compete with and hide the real information, or as happened in Spain, and elsewhere, the Queen was removed leaving 48-Card Decks, which are still in existence, and much in use there.

  • The data encoded into the 52 Playing Cards (4 Suits of 13 Cards each) are an Astrological / Calendar Database.

  • The Four Suits represent the Elements (Fire – , Earth – , Air – , Water – ) and the annual Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).

  • The Numbers 1 to 13 (Ace to King of each Suit) are each related to specific Planet Symbols.

  • The 13 Lunations of 28-Days each per year – multiply the number 28 by 13 it gives us 364.

  • The 12 Court Cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) are clearly both the Signs of the Zodiac and the Months in a Year.

  • The 52 Cards relate to the weeks of the year. This number 52 multiplied by 7 again gives 364. then by adding a special Card to either result, now known as the Joker (as 5/4 or 1¼), we get a total of 365¼ – the number of days in the average Solar Year.

These are just some of the Astrological, Calendrical and Numerical coincidences that are concealed within the Cards and this System. From a special mathematical formula, each day of the year is assigned a specific Day-Card Symbol (see Cards Calendar page). These are known as the Sun-or Birth-Cards of an individual. You will note that the Calendar Cards are not divided equally over the four suits.

  • The  have 52 days.

  • The have 132 days (133 in leap years).

  • The ♦ have 131 days.

  • The ♠ have 49 days.

  • These plus the Joker totals 365 days (366 in Leap years).

The Joker is given to Dec. 31st. However, this card does not appear on any of the subsequent Tables or in any type of reading layout as it represents a very special archetypal level of human existence. For the record, to read for the Joker, one can use the interpretations of the K charts for those who are well developed, healthy and balanced, but for most, the A Charts are the ones to use. The regular 52 Cards are laid out in a set of 90 tables or spreads from which we create Birth and Progressed Age Charts, among others, similar in manner and style to regular Astrological charts. Virtually all Astrological techniques, Solar Returns, Composite Charts, and Synastry, Timing and Relocation, Arabic Parts, and so much more, have an interface with this System and yet for speed and detail of information, nothing surpasses the abilities of this unique System and its techniques.