Iain McLaren–Owens

I was born February 12, 1943 (K) in London, England. In the mid-1950s, I began my studies, both with teachers and books, into the ‘old school’ Astrology, Numerology, Esoteric Disciplines, and general Metaphysical subjects, which I continue to this day. In 1975, I was introduced to the Playing Card System, that has developed into the Astro-Cards System, by one of Edith Randall’s and Lein’s pupils, while she was visiting London.

Shortly after, I relocated to the U.S., where I was introduced to the ‘new school’ of more modern thinkers and the latest developments in the fields of Astrology and other related occult systems. I was intrigued by the Card System and while in New York, by amazing luck, I obtained the Final (1945) edition of The Mystic Test Book (MTB) by Olney H. Richmond, and the Sacred Symbols of the Ancients (SSA) by Edith L. Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell, M.A.. By late 1975, I was in San Francisco, at which time I began an intensive study of the two available books on this subject. I continued for nearly four years without finding anyone else who had even heard of this System.

Fortunately, that allowed me to avoid the indoctrination of existing teachings and dogma, and it left me free to see the basic material unbiased by others, and allowing me an open viewpoint. My Card System studies have been coupled with investigations, everything from Ancient Mythology to the latest developments in Astrological fields. Finally, these studies have all led to the creation and publication of my version of this technique that I call the Astro-Cards System of Magian Cardology. It is based on what I truly believe the Playing Cards are which is a complete Astrological Data-Bank hidden within this Ancient System.

These studies have also opened many avenues of research, some of which I am publishing along with this System’s material. Some publications are directly linked to this System, while others come from peripheral developments, and yet others are just provided due to their rarity or importance of information. All the works included here are created to provide “food for thought” so that you may learn to establish your own understanding and methodologies for personal enlightenment, self-development, and life-improvement.